Lunch & Dinner Taco Bar

Taco Bars includes :

Meats/Seafood/Veggies (1-2 choices), shredded cheeses, lettuce, sour cream, fresh pico de gallo, verde & red salsas, jalapenos, lime slices. 

(Avocado slices/guacamole for an additional charge)

Meat Choices Chicken(shredded/cubed), Pulled Pork, Marinated Steak, Ground Beef, Ground Turkey; Vegan, Vegetarian, Keto, Pescatarian & GlutenFree options available.


Melanin Signature & Seafood Choices

($ extra per person, ask for pricing)

*Chicken Alfredo (recommend w/ Kale)

*(Spicy)Garlic Lime Chicken 

(ground beef/turkey or chicken w/ pastrami)

*Fried/Grilled Fish(Catfish, any fish requested)

*Fried/ Grilled Shrimp

Shrimp Alfredo

"Tacos Only" Bar

($450 min 1-25 ppl, 25+ starts $10 per person)

(includes: tacos, chips & salsas)


Full Taco Bar 

(includes: tacos/entrée choice, rice & beans, choice of queso, bean dip or salad, chips & salsas)

*All taco bars come with 1-2 meat/seafood/Veggie choices & same toppings, however, you may request any topping not listed & additional meat/seafood options for an additional charge.


**Avocado slices/guacamole are available for an additional charge).


***Taco Tastings are available by request. Feel free to ask any questions by clicking on the link below.

($600 min 1-25 ppl, 25+ starts $12 per person)

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Breakfast  & Brunch Taco Bar 

Build Your Own Taco Bar

(All Included)

*Sausage (pork, beef or turkey)

*Bacon Strips/Crumbles (pork or turkey)

*Scrambled Eggs (Plain, Chorizo or  

   Garlic Cilantro)

*Country Style Potatoes

*Refried Beans (w/ melted cheese)

*Shredded Cheese (fiesta, can request 

  cheese of choice)

*Cilantro & Onions

*Sour Cream

*Quacamole (mild or spicy)

*Salsas (Verde & Red, others by request)


**Chicken & Waffle Tacos (butter syrup), addtl  $7 per person 

(Min $600 1 - 25 ppl, 25+ addtl $10 per person)


Taco Bar DropOff Service

If you need the Taco Bar without us serving your guests, we also provide drop off catering. The menu for this service is the same as the main menu. If you have any questions or concerns, please fill out the "contact form" below. Thank you in advance!